Are you accepting new patients?
NO. We are not accepting new patients.

Why can’t my Doctor take on my family member as a patient?
All physicians have full practices and are unable to take on anymore patients. There is a shortage of physicians in BC and our Doctors are already stretched to their limits.

Do I need an appointment for a prescription renewal?
YES. Even if you have been on the medication for a long period of time and you consider it a “routine” request, the Doctors require an appointment for all medication renewals. An important note to add – YOU MUST BOOK YOUR MEDICATION RENEWALS AT LEAST 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE OF RUNNING OUT. The Doctors will NOT provide refills via fax requests from pharmacies.

Do I still need to wear a mask?
YES. We are following guidelines laid out by the Provincial Health Authority and medical masks must be worn when in the office.

What if I need to be seen today?
We are not an urgent care centre. We do keep some spots available each day for urgent matters, but there is no guarantee that you will be booked in that spot. Reasons such as prescription renewals, follow ups, and Doctor’s notes are NOT considered urgent.

Please know that we are doing our very best to give you the care you need and deserve, but we will not accept rude and abusive behaviour.