Lab Updates

We have obtained a new lab tech!

Regular hours starting Thursday May 18th

Monday – Friday 8am – 11:15am & 1pm – 3:15pm

Physician Updates

May 2023
We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Margot Walker.

Dr. Walker was the brightest light, always smiling and laughing. Her joy, positivity, and compassion will be greatly missed by all who had the great pleasure of knowing her.

March 2023
Retirement notice: Dr. Marius Steyn will be retiring as of April 28th, 2023. He does not have anyone to take over his practice. Patients are advised to call 811 and sign up for the Health Connect Registry.

January 2023
Physician update: Dr. Ramesh Kamath will be joining our clinic in February 2023. If you were a former patient of Dr. Ian Cafferky, please contact the clinic to organize a Meet and Greet appointment. Please note, patients that have since transferred to another clinic will not be contacted. Our focus to to assist patients that have no current family physician. (This is applicable to former patients of Dr. Cafferky ONLY. We are NOT accepting new patients to this practice).

August 2022
Dr. Beth Hepburn joined the clinic. She is not accepting new patients.

June 2022
Dr. Ian Cafferky closed his medical practice.

April 2021
Dr. Marie Hellen closed her medical practice.