All prescription renewals, referrals, forms, letters, and notes require an appointment with your Doctor. This can be done via phone call or an in person appointment.

Patients can not be booked with another physician. Patient’s are only able to be booked with their own physician unless their Doctor is away and has a designated Locum covering their practice.

Late appointments. We will try to accommodate late arrivals within reason, but if you are late answering your phone or late showing up to the office you may be asked to rebook your appointment.

Missed appointments/No Showing. Time is allocated for your appointment and if you do not show up then it is time wasted. The office reserves the right to charge a NO SHOW fee of $50.

Email correspondence. Only use email correspondence when specifically requested by the office staff. If your email was unexpected, it will not be reviewed by your physician. We do NOT respond to appointment related queries via email.

One concern per appointment. The standard appointment is 10 minutes in length and is designed to address ONE concern. It is not possible to accommodate more than one concern in that length of time. If you raise numerous concerns whilst in with the Doctor, you may be asked to book a separate appointment.

We are not a walk in clinic or urgent care centre. We have a few “same day slots” for semi-urgent matters, but there is no guarantee that you will be booked into that slot. If you feel the matter is urgent, go to your local walk in clinic, urgent care centre, or hospital emergency room.

You will be charged for non-MSP covered services. This includes fees for forms, letters, drivers medical examinations, etc. Please see our Uninsured Services section for details.

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Rude, abusive behaviour towards the staff is not acceptable under any circumstances. It may result in you being released as a patient from the practice.